Oracle and/or Tarot Making Class open studio

If you are looking to take a supportive dive into creating a deck of your own making in order to strengthen your intuition, synthesize meaning and symbolism that you can use in your everyday life, then we have the space and community for you to do that!

According to the book "The World is Your Oracle" an oracle is simply a technique for uncovering an answer to a question. It can help you understand a problem that you're stumped on. It can also give you advice. They can work as guideposts for your life by helping you tap into your unconscious mind, where your inner wisdom resides.

We will refer to the over 50 decks we have here in the store and work with the book The Oracle Creator by Steven Bright, among others. We will then work together to each create a deck of our choosing.

The store will be open a variety of days and times before and after regular store hours for meeting, making and discussion: before book club on Thursday, May 16th from 5-6 pm, Sunday May 19th from 11-12 noon and Tuesday, May 21st from 5-7 pm.

Come to one or come to all available times. You can work, discuss and brainstorm your creations.